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New 69b brand, Myuze, only use leather from organically-raised cattle in Sweden. All leather hides are marked with an individual number so you can trace each bag back to the farm where the cattle was raised. The leather is vegetable tanned, ensuring it is free from harmful substances. The leather is SO organic, that leftovers from the tannery are used by locals as a fertilizer for the plants in their gardens! 


Plastics to fabrics

Technology that enables large scale recycling is super important to the sustainability movement. ECOALF are one brand that use breakthrough technology to great effect. Who knew that discarded fishing nets, post consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds could be turned into outerwear, swimsuits, sneakers and accessories. Cool!

But how do they do it? Watch this video to see how ECOALF turn plastic bottles into an ECOALF product.

Did you know that more than 267 species around the world are affected by plastic marine debris? Don’t forget to recycle your plastics!

Directed, produced and edited by ECOALF.


Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500 Member