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Sonya Kashmiri

Modern Timelessness


Consider your search for the perfect bag over. Works of art in their own right, Sonya's bags combine unique construction methods with breathtaking quality. They age beautifully and work with everything. What more could you want?


What About Wild Rubber?

The Amazon is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. Rubber tappers who live in the forest harvests from the trees, and with the help of a new process called FDL, the transformation of latex > rubber sheets > hand-cut soles is now completely without any industrial process.

So with the help of Veja, rubber tappers are now able to sell semi-finished products, and yes, receive higher pay while they’re at it. Bia Saldanha of the Brazilian Green Party is also involved: she provides technical support and coordinates the supply chain. Watch them in action… 

Directed, produced and edited by Veja. 

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